Solved: Eclipse CDT doesn’t work after the recent update for Ubuntu 12.04

sudo apt-get purge tzdata-java
sudo apt-get purge tzdata-java



Annoying “Symbol ‘value’ could not be resolved” error in Eclipse Indigo

Considering one comment of a question in stackoverflow, I’ve disabled the “Symbol is not resolved” from the “Code Analysis” property of the project.

What makes this error annoying is that the code normally compiles and runs perfectly, but you see gazillions many errors in the “Problems” perspective, and red bugs on the corresponding lines on the editor window.

Eclipse development environment settings

These are the installation instructions for the eclipse tools/extensions that I’ve been frequently using:


  • First, install latest eclipse cdt, here.


  • Add the mylyn site ( ) to the installation locations, for up-to-date info, here.

Redmine Mylyn Connector

  • Add the mylyn connector site ( ) to the installation locations, for up-to-date info, here.


  • Add the subclipse update site ( ) to the locations, for up-to-date info, here.


  • First apt-get the valgrind package.
  • More info about the valgrind tool, here. Especially, “massif” becomes handy, if you’re doing memory extensive processes.

Programmig Style

  • Use PCL Eclipse Formatting file, here. More info about the programming style, here.


  • My personal file template for GNU GPL V3, here.

Tips & Tricks

Creating an eclipse project by using cmake:

Simply run cmake Eclipse generator inside the project folder as given below. This will add all the include paths correctly, and the only you should do is importing the project to the workspace via File->Import->General->Existing Projects into Workspace.

cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles"